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Swiss Privilege Aviation Services

Dear Customers and Business Partners,

Swiss Privilege Aviation Services is the number one, when it comes to a privileged aviation experience.
Details and commitment to deliver services beyond expectation is the goal of our boutique ground service assistance located in the General Aviation Center at Zurich Airport.

Discover unique excellence in business jet ground handling services and personal care. With over 30 years of experience in the aviation industry and a Swiss quest for perfection, we invite you to enjoy our exclusive customer service.

Besides dedicated ground services and premium partners with equally privileged services we provide a competence center for business aviation – offering consultancy services to the industry community.

It is a pleasure for me and my team to welcome you as a Swiss Privilege Aviation Services customer!

Sincerely Yours,
Rebecca Durrer-Bolle
Chief Executive Officer

Have a Look at Swiss Privilege Aviation Services

Aviation Services

Experience Unique Excellence

When the world's largest GSE provider and premium hospitality facilities meet the commitment to Swiss perfection, unique excellence in aviation services is experienced.

Enjoy smooth operations even when flight schedules are demanding. Rely on skilled service experts meeting any request with greatest attention and fulfilling the needs of VIPs, crew and aircraft.

Grant yourself the luxury of Swiss Privilege Aviation Services.

Passenger Services

Celebrate Exclusive Privacy

Enjoy private travelling to and from Zurich International Airport where you will be personally welcomed at the terminal of the General Aviation Center.

Escorted apron transportation, personal assistance through Immigration and Customs and valet parking is in place.

Discover unique service excellence and savour the privileged comfort of our VIP lounge.

  1. Executive Terminal Access
  2. Valet Parking & Private Parking Area
  3. Custom & Immigration Assistance
  4. Personalised Service Delivery
  5. Apron Transport & Escort
  6. VIP Lounge
  7. VIP Catering
  8. Limousine & Car Rental
  9. Hotel, Restaurant & Event Reservations
man deboarding limousine

Crew Services

Appreciate Personal Assistance

Experience a good flight and a relaxing time at the airport, while all necessities like weather NOTAMs, landing permits, airport slots, catering arrangements, concierge and aircraft services are managed for you.

Enjoy Swiss Privilege Aviation Services and the private comfort of a cosy lounge.

  1. Smooth Operations
  2. Landing Permits & Weather NOTAMs
  3. Airport Slots
  4. Lounge Access
  5. Catering Arrangements
  6. Aircraft Charter Reservations
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Aircraft Services

Savour Tailored Handling

Supported by Swissport International Ltd. we offer all GSE for a tailored handling and a customised spectrum of aircraft care services for smooth operations.

  1. GSE for Small to Wide Body Aircraft
  2. Fuelling & Hangar Arrangement
  3. De-Icing
  4. Baggage Loading, Offloading & Screening
  5. Interior & Exterior Jet Cleaning
  6. Aircraft Services
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VIP Cargo Services

Value Competent Supervision

In close cooperation with local cargo companies we supervise the safe handling of your luxury goods.

man deboarding limousine
Team & Board

Welcome Perfection

Swiss Privilege Aviation Services is proud to call some of the most competent and committed Operation Executives and Management team perfectionists.

Get to know what a Swiss quest for perfection and more than 30 years of experience means, when it comes to smooth operations and attention to detail.

Valued Partners

Favour Premium Partners and Products

All GSE is at your service with our valued partner Swissport International Ltd. – the largest provider of ground service equipment worldwide.

Linked to Swissport Executive Aviation network offering services in 81 destinations worldwide.

For an equally privileged way to and from the airport request our Premium Limousine Xpert.

Competence Center

Discover Best Practice

With a deep understanding of the business aviation world and more than 30 years in the industry, we know how to implement quality management and work processes.

Interested in best practice? Or in need for a successful set up of your business?

Allow us to invest our knowledge and make it your business capital.

  1. Consulting & Assessment
  2. Best Practice Workshops
  3. Training & Implementation
  4. Recruitment & Auditing
Contact Us

Enjoy the Welcome

Any questions about our aviation services, workshops or a special request?

Like to book now? Use our form available with the "book now"-button or with the following email address and telephone number.

Whatever it is, we love to be at your service.

Send your request
or call +41 43 815 09 21

Opening Hours

From 06:00 to 22:00 LT (24/7 avalibility)



General Aviation Center (GAC)
P.O. Box
CH-8058 Zurich-Airport


The GAC is located on the east side of Zurich Airport between the "Cargo East" complex and the city of Kloten.

By car, take the A51 and exit "Kloten Süd". Map for better orientation is available as Download-PDF.

Map Airport Zurich with Directionsn inclusive pdf